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News - winter 2019-2020

Just in . . . Some new software and hardware upgrades - see below.

A New Room . . . and it's BLUE - A new desktop composing room - more space - more stuff - more productivity - see below.

Can you get rid of that air conditioner sound? - Yes we can. iZotope RX 7 - state-of-the-art audio repair now at NewSound - see below

"PLACES" on iTunes & CD Baby - with glowing reviews - see and hear it here.

Just in . . . Pro Tools upgrade and "how low can you go?"


Major upgrades to our audio hardware and software just keep on comin'.
At the center of it all - the Universal Auido Apollo Duo allowing virtual hardware mic pre emulation. We can now have Neve, SSL, API and other world-renown preamps at our fingertips.
In addition, we just upgraded to the latest version of Pro Tools. (2019.10)
New plug bundles from SoundToys and FabFilter.
And on the hardware side, we just installed the Event S250 subwoofer. Now, we go way down to 28Hz.
See the complete list here.

New "Blue Room" adds more productivity

It was innevitable . . . being able to do 2 things at once.
So now, we have 2 rooms - Our original "Orange Room" for recording, mixing, mastering and sync-post -
And the new "Blue Room" - specifically designed for music composition with a powerful MAC Pro and a host of high-end virtual instruments.
This means more music to more sources. The way we like it.

RX 7 - Now at NewSound

We just added iZotope's RX 7 audio repair software to our arsenal. RX 7 is the industry standard for repairing audio for music and post production. It can fix anything from mouth-clicks to air-conditioner noise and more. This will greatly benefit our audio post and music clients.

To all of NewSound's Philadelphia clients and friends:

After serving Philadelphia area audio, musical and event professionals since 1996, NewSound Productions relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada as of Sept. 2007.
The Toronto facility is located here:

550 Queen St. East
Suite G-100
Toronto, ON  M5A 1V2

See Google Map

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