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World / Jazz CD

Mark's debut CD entitled "Places" has been released on the DreamBox Media label. It features compositions inspired from other places and cultures . . . Japan, Africa, Spain, India, The Caribbean and Viet Nam. It also features several well-known Philly jazz artists.

Thanx to all of the musicians who have contributed so much:
Jim Miller - drums & percussion
Gerald Veasley - electric bass
Chris Farr - saxophones
John Swana - trumpet
Tony Miceli - vibraphone
Doc Gibbs - congas
Dennis DiBlassio - flute & bass flute
Yoshiko Matsui - vocals/lyrics for "Hiroshima" & Tokyo subway SFX
Nguyen Thanh Van - children vocal direction for "Hiroshima"
Ngan Khoi Children's Chorus - vocals "Hiroshima"


Listen to samples . . .

"Salamanca" (edit)

"Places" (edit)

 "Hiroshima" (edit)

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